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Joshua Phillips has been actively advocating against sexual violence since 2003 when he joined Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates at Central Michigan University. Since then he has had the privilege of presenting countless programs on his campus and throughout the United States.

Because he situates sexual violence as a cultural issue, his education philosophy is that we must be actively against sexual violence instead of passively for it.

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November 2-4, 2011


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The Book

1,800 Miles:Striving to End Sexual Violence One Step at a Time

Sexual violence is a cultural issue that affects millions of people and the violence will not stop if we continually choose to collectively ignore it. Three college friends understood this concept and decided to do something more proactive. So with few resources and minimal funding, they headed to Miami in the summer of 2008 to begin a walk that would take them all the way to Boston in an effort to raise awareness about sexual violence.

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Hey everyone. I just got on Twitter. My handle is: @JoshPhillipsPhD. We’ll see how it goes.


“#SAsurvives: Silence Gives Sexual Assault Power”

This above title is the title to a post my friend Amber wrote over at “The Student Affairs Collective.” Read her post here.



A lot of people ask me what I like to do in my downtime. This news story from last month should give you an idea. I’m the guy in the second picture hanging off the ladder.


Great Week at York University

Spent the first half of this week at York University in Toronto. Orientation for about 5,000 new students. Great event! Check it out!


Mike Tyson and Media Bias essay for Washington Coalition

I have a new essay published in Partners in Social Change. It is a publication on behalf of Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. It begins on page 4. I outline how the media is currently bias in the coverage of Mike Tyson and his rape conviction. In short, only Mike Tyson gets to go on TV and tell his side of the story while Desiree Washington’s version of events is completely absent. Check it out, here.


Proactive college football program

TCU suspends football player for punching his girlfriend and pulling a gun on her. While the investigation is still on-going and the player has not been found guilty, TCU made the decision to be proactive and make a statement about not tolerating violence against women.


Domestice violence charges should trump playing time

This is a great piece on the NFL and domestic violence. We need to stop allowing these players to play.


Again, teens use cell phone to film sexual assault

In New Jersey, we see another case of teenagers sexual assaulting an intoxicated peer, filming it, and posting it. Why is this considered acceptable behavior?


Another honor killing…

Here’s an article from CNN. The title says it all: Pakistani newlyweds decapitated by bride’s family in honor killing. When will this stop?


Review of Mike Tyson’s “Undisputed Truth”

I recently finished Mike Tyson’s book “Undisputed Truth.” The short review is “meh.” I’m all about people having the ability to write their own story, but if you know anything about Tyson, don’t expect anything new. If you don’t know much about Tyson’s career pre-Hangover movies, then it’s worth your time.

Also, the book is nearly 600 pages long. I have no problem reading lengthy books and frequently read books that are well over 600 pages. It is a quick read. However, there were pages and pages of “and then I fought this guy and then I fought that guy” as well as pages and pages of “and then I had sex with this girl and then I had sex with that girl.” Again, if you’ve followed Tyson, most of this stuff will be familiar.

The reason why I read this book is because I’m gearing up to write a 25 page article on Tyson’s return to the public spotlight. Specifically, I’m interested in discussing how Tyson has been afforded the opportunity to recreate his image 20 years after his rape conviction. As an communication scholar, I’m concerned that Tyson is the only one whose voice is being heard in this discussion. Essentially, only his side of the story is being told. Therefore, he can mold the story however he wants. I have a short article (1,000 words) about this coming out in a newsletter later this summer. I’ll post the link to this article once it’s published.