1,800 Miles : Striving to End Sexual Violence One Step at a Time

Sexual violence is a cultural issue that affects millions of people and the violence will not stop if we continually choose to collectively ignore it. Three college friends understood this concept and decided to do something more proactive. So with few resources and minimal funding, they headed to Miami in the summer of 2008 to begin a walk that would take them all the way to Boston in an effort to raise awareness about sexual violence. Carrying their only possessions on their backs and never knowing where they would be sleeping at the end of each day, they slowly made the 1,800 mile journey up the East Coast.book

While they did have their occasional set backs (like being chased by dogs and walking numerous miles through the rain), the three walkers continued forward for three long, hot summer months. Along the way, they talked to the media, presented at community events, met survivors, and even spent the night with a Senator. 1,800 Miles recounts those adventures both humorous and heartbreaking from the walk and is sure to be a story that inspires other social activists to start moving forward – one step at a time.